Pickup & Dropoff

Drop Off and Pick Up


  • If you are dropping off or picking up your child, enter the parking lot from Mallow Rd. Upon entering, the driveway is two-way traffic, but it will change to two lanes of one-way traffic. When you see the sign stating, “Please choose your lane. Drop off or Parking,” get into your appropriate lane. If you are dropping off your child and not coming in the building, move to the left in the Drop Off lane. If you will be parking and getting out of your car to go into the school with your child, move to the right in the Parking lane.
  • When in the Drop Off lane, always move forward as far as you can to fill in all available space. Proceed to the edge of the playground.
  • Never leave your car unattended unless you are in a parking space.
  • Once you have dropped off/picked up your child, you may carefully move forward and exit when instructed to do so by the Traffic Monitor.
  • Exit the lot by turning right onto Austin Bluffs Parkway or by exiting at Mallow Rd. From Mallow Rd., you can turn left to Austin Bluffs Parkway where you will be able to take a left or a right turn. Or you can turn right to go through the neighborhood.

You may download the traffic procedures handbook here: CILATrafficprocedures

Traffic Reminders


  • Parking lot speed is 5 MPH for the safety of our students and families. Speeding through the parking lot will not be tolerated.
  • You must follow the directions of the Traffic Monitors.
  • Do not drive down the bus lanes.
  • Please make sure to follow ALL arrows/markings in the parking lot at ALL times!
  • You MUST obey all traffic laws on the streets surrounding the school at ALL times.

Student Safety Reminders

Parents and students are to follow all directives given by school personnel to ensure the safety of children.


  • Please enter the car quickly so that the car can leave the lot and make room for other cars.
  • Students stay with their teacher until their car is in the coned pickup area.
  • Students should enter the car from the nearest side. DO NOT walk to the other side to enter the car. If the car seat is on that side, parents should get out of the car to assist their child.
  • Bicyclists MUST wear a helmet and walk their bikes while on school property and obey all traffic rules for crossing streets in and around the school property.
  • Please be respectful in following all parking lot procedures.


  • Green: Two-Way traffic & Parking
  • Yellow: Staff Use Only
  • Red: 1-Way traffic, NO PARKING
  • Blue: Disabled Parking Only
  • Orange: Caution!
  • Magenta: 1-Way traffic, but 2 lanes – share carefully!