We develop our routes before the start of every school year based on expected/indicated demand. Please register early if you plan on utilizing the bus.


*** This schedule reflects the time the bus is leaving each stop. As a reminder, drivers cannot control traffic and if a situation arises, the driver will notify you through the app. Please arrive  5 minutes before the indicated time at each of the stops.
*** Este horario es la hora en que se supone el autobus salga de cada parada. Como recordatorio, los choferes no pueden controlar el trafico y de presentarse alguna situacion el chofer se los comunicara atravez de la app. Todos los padres deben estar 5 minutos antes de esa hora en cada una de las paradas. La comunicación con cada Chofer es de suma importancia para poder proveerles una buena calidad de servicio.

Bus Routes as of May 2023. Bus routes/times are likely to change based on demand and availability for the 2024-2025 school year.  Please sign up for services and we will be sure to follow up closer to the end of summer with specific routes and times.

North Route 

  1. 6:20am/3:40pm Circle K (across from Black Forest Park n Ride)
  2. 6:50am/3:55pm Burger King on Interquest (1364 Interquest Parkway)
  3. 7:00am/4:05pm Northgate Wendy’s
  4. 7:15am/4:25pm French Kitchen on Academy

Central Route

  1. 3:30pm Safeway at Galley & Circle (PM only)
  2. 6:20am/3:45pm Boys and Girls Club (1445 S. Chelton Rd)
  3. 6:30am/3:55pm Sand Creek Elementary
  4. 7:00am/4:10pm Thomas MacLaren – 1660 Sawyer Way (Old GVA)
  5. 7:15am/4:25pm Vibes Stadium

South Route 

  1. 7:15am/3:30pm Weidner Field (111 W. Cimmeron St)
  2. 7:00am/3:45pm Ice Hall/World Arena
  3. 6:40am/4:05pm Lowe’s at Mesa Ridge
  4. 6:30am/4:15pm Fountain Park and Ride

Register & Pay For Busing



Guiding principles for determining routes and the location of stops include:


  • 50 or more students per route
  • 6 or more students per stop
  • Pick up locations along routes may change slightly once it is determined how many students will be participating at each stop.

2024-2025 Regular Rates (for FRL-qualified students, see below)


  • $450 per first student, per school year ($100 per additional Sibling),
  • First payment ($225 + $50/sibling) due by October 1st, 2024
  • 2nd payment  ($225 + $50/sibling) due by February 1st, 2025
  • Bus fees are non-refundable
  • 10% Discount if entire year’s fees paid in full by September 30th, 2024


If your student qualifies for free or reduced lunch, there will be no cost for busing. Please APPLY (click) for the free and reduced lunch program first.



  • Please contact the Colorado International Language Academy Main Office: 719-645-8063