Welcome to CILA!

We are a free, public K-5 charter elementary school focused on foreign language learning through immersion.

Our featured languages of instruction are:



*currently available only in the Homeschool Enrichment program



Mandarin Chinese




Become a global citizen

Through Language Immersion

Give your child the gift of a global education through the natural-learning method of language immersion. As a student at CILA, she or he will spend half the day acquiring linguistic skills from native language speakers, learn about exciting foreign cultures, and of course study core subjects in top-rated curriculums.

Native Speakers

Listening to a native language speaker give instruction is just like learning it from the source! Gain an understanding of real-world phrases and an ear for a natural accent.

Half a Day of Immersion

No other K-5 school in Colorado Springs immerses its students in language learning each day as CILA, and the difference shows in the fluency of our graduates!

Languages, Cultures, AND Academics

Your child will learn a new language, explore the wonders of other cultures, and excel in Math, English, Science, and Social Studies.

A Public Charter


Open to all Coloradans

It doesn’t matter where your Colorado Springs (and surrounding areas!) neighborhood or home school district is – your student is welcome to choice into and attend CILA, a publicly-funded charter school, and part of the Colorado Charter School Institute.

Busing Available!

And if you do live in a neighborhood a few zip codes over, no problem! We operate several buses and routes daily for our students.

Full Time AND Homeschool Enrichment

Did you know that we don’t just teach full time K-5 students? We also have a K-6 Homeschool Enrichment program available, featuring a full day of language learning once every week!

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