Traffic Procedures – New Map, Notes

Traffic Procedures – New Map, Notes

Dear Parents & Guardians,


Every day there seems to be some confusion about traffic procedures – where to park, which direction to drive, etc.


I have made an updated map using Google Maps, highlighting the flow of traffic, parking areas, and other important features (find it at the bottom of the Pickup & Dropoff page).


A few very important notes on recurring issues:


  1. The speed limit at all times in the parking lots &  driving paths surrounding CILA is 5 MPH.
  2. Do not enter from Austin Bluffs – only use Mallow to enter.
  3. Follow the 1 way traffic flow around the west side of the parking lot – do not drive east past the south side of the student center/cafeteria, or west past the north side of the field.
  4. Do not park in the disabled parking spots unless you are disabled. Please have your placard prominently visible if you do park there.
  5. Only park in designated areas. Parking next to the dropoff/pickup area is extremely dangerous during high traffic times! If you need to drop off something heavy, park in the designated areas & ask for help carrying it in, or speak to a staff member for more guidance.
  6. Do not drive through the parking area to the west of the student center if you are using the dropoff/pickup line – go all the way around the back of the parking lot.


If you need clarification on any of this, or have useful feedback on the new map, don’t hesitate to reach out. Thank you for your time & understanding.

-Matt Johnston-Urey, IT Director